15 constantly rotating taps offering fresh, new craft beer and cider selections daily originating from the Northwest and beyond.​​

Santiam ~ Normans Pear Cider

Tieton ~ Cherry Cider

Rusty Truck ~ Beach Blonde

Ex Novo ~ Mexican Lager

Lagunitas ~ Daytime Session IPA

Rusty truck ~ Strawberry Lime Sour

Little Beast ~ Hot Break

Vanguard ~ Hazelnut Brown

Ex Novo ~ Crosby, Stills, & Novo IPA

Ruse ~ Shadow of the Sun IPA

Crux ~ Bubblewrap Hazy IPA

Lagunitas ~ Super Cluster IPA

Montavilla ~  East Glisan IPA

Public Coast ~ Stackstock Stout

Ex Novo ~ Quaker Shaker Stout

* Taps are constantly changing

Last updated 7/15/19*